Local Deals and Discounts E-Magazine

Local Deals and Discounts is a monthly e-magazine that displays local companies in and around Englewood, Florida. It is free to view online or download as a PDF by the public.


We conservatively estimate 8,000 users will view and/or download Local Deals and Discounts per month. EnglewoodClassifieds.com has over 2,300 members in our Facebook Group. Additionally, our Local Deals and Discounts will be presented in all the local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade and Community groups.

The following is a partial list of local Facebook Groups:

Group Name: Membership Number
Englewood Classifieds: 2,300
Englewood Buy/Sell/Trade: 19,000
Englewood Buy/ Sell/ Trade: 16,500
Englewood FL Buy Sell Trade: 11,900
Englewood Venice North Port: 30,000
North Port / Port Charlotte Buy Sell Trade: 60,200
Englewood Florida Garage Sale: 7,900


Prices are Monthly or Autopay. Lock in your pricing with Autopay. Autopay is debited from your credit card each month. Autopay advertisements can be changed each month.

Placement – Monthly Price – Autopay Price
Front Cover – $450 $225 – NA
First Page – $200 $100 – NA
Full Page – $160 $80 – $145 $80
Half Page – $90 $45 – $80 $45

We can provide advertisement design for $50 per advertisement.

Ad Specs

Full Page Ad – 816 wide x 1056 tall. (sized in pixels)

Half Page Ad – 816 wide x 528 tall. (sized in pixels)

72 DPI.


Creative and payment due the 25th of each month.

Billed the 15th of each month.

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You can either purchase below or contact us at info@englewoodclassifieds.com. If you purchase below, you will receive an email telling you how to submit your advertisement.

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